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Thread: File Not Found Check the File Name and try again.

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    Default File Not Found Check the File Name and try again.

    Irfanview Version 4.52 64 Bit
    Operating System Windows 10 64 bit with all updates installed

    I have been using Irfanview since Windows 98. I use it mainly to view photographs I've taken and crop or otherwise reduce sizes. I don't do anything else with them.

    In the past few weeks when I go to save an edited photo, which should ask to overwrite the existing photo, I just get a box that says

    File not found
    Check the filename and try again

    It is absolute nonsense since the photo is open in Irfanview and I can also clearly see it in thumbnail in the appropriate folder.

    I have tried saving to another folder, say documents instead of pictures with the same result.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Irfanview.

    I have run as Administrator and not, but the same thing keeps happening.

    It is so frustrating because I cannot understand why this should be happening. Irfanview is the only picture edit software that I use.

    I wondered if anyone could shed any light on this at all.

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    Not an answer here, but a few questions that might shed some light.

    Have you tried saving to an exeternal drive, like for example a USB stick?
    What format is your image (jpg, bmp, RAW, ...)?
    Does it also happen when the thumbnails view is closed?
    How many images in the folder? hundreds? thousands?

    Generally I noticed that editing images with thumbnails open slows down IV.

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    If you're loading them from a phone, copy them to your hard drive first, then edit them.

    This earlier post may have the solution.
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