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Thread: Batch renaming of files not in perfect sequence

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    Default Batch renaming of files not in perfect sequence

    Hello all,

    My issue involves batch renaming as per the title post. I don't even know if this is possible with IrfanView - I'd rather not use another renaming program if I can help it. So the problem is, thousands of shots were taken of biological specimens - three shots of each specimen. But the camera of course has numbered them sequentially. I would like to have the files renamed such that the original name changes to reflect the bar codes attached to the specimens as well as subscripting the files to reflect the fact there are three photos of each specimen.

    For example - if I have these three images to start with:


    and the barcode on the specimen is 02-01000125, then my three resultant files need to be


    there's no regular rigid mathematical correspondence between the camera images and the bar code numbers - it's close, but not perfect all the way down the line.

    I've tried multiple runs through with incrementing and text substitutions, but I've not been able to get results except by doing batches of three files at a time which of course defeats the purpose of running a batch rename.

    Any ideas and/or assistance/suggestions would be most welcome and appreciated,


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    if you open the batch dialogue and select 'Batch rename', there is a button labeled 'Options' on the right side of the rename field. There you can set some options.
    Use the Help-Button in this dialogue if you don't know how to fill the fields.
    Another way to rename files is by using command line options. Therefore read 'i_options.txt' in the IrfanView program folder.
    Hope this helps.
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