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Thread: Batch convert portrait mode photos to landscape mode with blur filling

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    Default Batch convert portrait mode photos to landscape mode with blur filling


    Have been using IrfanView to batch process my photographs for quite a while. While I avoid taking portrait mode snaps with my camera, on a recent trip I used my mobile phone extensively and landed up having many shots that are having 9:16 and 3:4 aspect-ratio portrait shots, which I'd like to convert to 16:9 aspect-ratio landscape shots, with an effect that, I think was popularized by iPhone photo app which adds an enlarged and highly blurred copy of the image but cropped to the frame size while overlaying the portrait shot on it. It looks quite pleasing to the eyes.

    The mechanism is explained at several places, but wondering if there is a plugin or existing script that I could use to achieve the same in batch mode using IrfanView:

    1. Graphicdesign stackexchange Q&A
    2. Cloudinary support page explaining the procedure
    3. Youtube video of how to do it manually, step-by-step using Irfanview

    In fact I found a pretty old discussion pointing to such capability on the IrfanView forum where it seems to conclude that it needs to be an enhancement. I'm just hoping that the enhancement is now available.

    Came across a method that seems to work when we have a set of images using which we create a Slideshow, but have yet to figure out if there is a way to export that effect onto the images themselves, s.t. the set of images can be displayed on a device (s.a. an LED TV) that displays images one by one, using it's own Slideshow mechanism (which leaves a lot to be desired). If we go to Slideshow > Full screen options and check the option that says:
    Show blurred (vertical) image sides ...

    as shown in this screen-shot:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    thanks in anticipation,
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    You can view images in this style in IrfanView. See the properties menu screenshot below.

    I don't think there is a straightforward way in IrfanView of saving this as an image file.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks @jazzman. What a shame that such capability i.e. to apply in batch to update the images and save them isn't available today. Otherwise Irfanview is such a handy, powerful tool. I think I'd give a short to the Imagemagik + batchfile script a try.

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    It is not difficult to do.

    1. Set the blurred sides option
    2. Set the screen shot options to save to a file with you desired filenaming pattern and image format/quality.
    3. Start screen capture
    4. Alt Tab back to IrfanView (it is minimized on starting Capture)
    5. Open the first file in the folder
    6. Enter fullscreen
    7. Press the shortcut key to capture the window (Ctrl+F10 is the default)
    8. Right-click to move to the next image and repeat.
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    Thanks @Bhikku Pesala. That is certainly better than nothing at all and perhaps quite acceptable in many cases.

    However, in my case the number of photos is above 800 and aim is to create 1920x1080 (FHD) sized portrait images while my laptop screen is 1366x768, so the above methods is not likely to yield good photos for FHD.

    It is still good to know.

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