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Thread: Replace Color - click into the image does not work on Win10

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    Default Replace Color - click into the image does not work on Win10

    I have read and the info there doesn't work with Irfanview 4.51 64 bit on Windows 10 Pro.

    I can left-click into an image and briefly see the RGB values (as long as I hold the left mouse button down). But that doesn't really do anything.

    When I am looking at an image in Irfanview, and I select Image/Replace Color... the menu says

    Hints for window mode [what does "window mode" even mean???]
    Left mouse button click into the image (main window) to set the source color
    Right mouse button click into the image (main window) to set the new color

    But, when I have the Replace Color dialog box open, it's an extremely modal dialog box -- that box doesn't want anything else going on. Clicking anywhere else, like clicking into the Irfanview main image, just makes the Replace Color dialog box flash furiously ... and the Source color will not change away from black. The color value of whatever I previously clicked, in the main window, does not get set as the Source Color. I wish it did.

    The Help file says "With a click into the main window you can set which color should be replaced (source color)" but this is the same explanation.

    Does this just not work any more in Windows 10?


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    Working fine for me. Clicking in the main window changes the source colour. The dialogue flashes a few times and there is a beep, but the colour changes. The same with right click to choose the colour to replace it with.

    Window mode just refers to when IrfanView is not in fullscreen mode.

    The latest version is 4.52, but this has worked as long as I can remember. I tested it in IrfanView 4.44 with the same results.

    Click image for larger version. 

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