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Thread: Irfanview NEF issues

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    Default Irfanview NEF issues

    Hi just bought a Nikon D800. My problems are:

    1. Irfanview assumes each NEF image is a folder - so I cannot edit the folder without using Open to access each image separately.
    2. I cannot associate NEF images with Irfanview (understand this is a Windows 7 issue (doesn't recognise NEF) but thought someone might know something?)

    The end result is that it takes me far longer to do my editing. Funny I thought running a Nikon with IrfanView would be very easy...

    BTW these RAW images are saved as sRGB is that an issue?

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    Right-click on a .NEF image, and use the Open with.., Other Apps, Always use this program, route to associate the files with IrfanView.

    If you're going to be editing RAW images with IrfanView and not just viewing them, use the 64-bit version, which is significantly faster at loading them, and disable the settings in plugins to view embedded preview images if available.

    The settings for the 32-bit version can be left to load the preview image for viewing RAW images much more quickly.

    For comparison: the 64-bit version loads a test file in 3422 milliseconds, the 32-bit version loads the preview image in 78 milliseconds, but takes 4375 milliseconds to load the RAW image. The 64-bit version also loads the embedded preview image in 78 milliseconds.

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