I recently got a new computer with Windows 10 and loaded the newest IrfanView (4.53) on it.

I'm trying to select to crop a portion of an image that's taller than the window, so the scroll bar appears. I start near the top of the image, and hold my mouse button down while dragging down to the bottom of the image. I bring the mouse pointer outside the edge of the window, and the image begins to scroll, but only for a little bit. Rather than continuing to scroll as long as I hold the mouse button down outside the window area, it just stops after moving the image down an inch or two.

On my old computer, with the older IrfanView, it would have kept scrolling until reaching the bottom edge of the image. Not sure of the older IV version, and I don't have that computer to check. The PC was Windows 7.

As a workaround, I can drag the mouse back and forth, in and out of the window over and over again, and it'll advance the edge of my selection a little bit each time. But for larger images, or having to do this on a lot of different images, that's rather annoying. Is there a setting I'm missing that will allow it to keep scrolling when I drag the selection cursor outside the window? Or is this just a bug?