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Thread: Certain older GIFs don't play correctly

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    Default Certain older GIFs don't play correctly


    Ive got a number of older animated GIFs that do not play correctly but are terribly garbeled.

    They do play correctly in IE and MediaPlayerClassic

    I had this problem with IrfanView 4.4x and just tested it with 4.53 64 as well (no change)

    My PC is a somewhat older CoreI7 based system with 12Gig RAM and a Geforce 960 or 970 running Windows 7/64 Pro SP1

    Here's a link to an example file (nsfw) :!dyBWyKbY!Uzr0YzfLM...wjiFc6hSCy9NWw

    Thanks, T
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    Every time I sent a bug report to Irfan Skiljan about so-called bugs with animated GIF playback, it turned out that the GIF was not following the specified format for that file type. The fact that other programs can play them is not an indication of a bug in IrfanView. The bug is usually in the file.

    Feel free to send a bug report to Irfan Skiljan. See the Help menu, About in IrfanView for his email address, and please let us know what he says.

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