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    I am looking for a particular feature in a randomized slideshow. I want every picture to always have the same chance of appearing. In every software I'm aware of, every picture in the directory has to appear before any picture that has appeared can appear again. That's too predictable for me. I want any picture to be able to appear at any time, no matter how repetitive it gets. Does IrfanView do that?

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    According to the Help File a file won't be shown more than once during a random slideshow.

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    i myself was experimenting on the randomness too , i did then choose color-pictures , or just black and white picture and started the randomized slideshow .
    it seemed to change from black to white simply by only changing the order some times . so i had not 3 times black picture after another . to get a random of black or white i had to change to a large ammount of black and white pictures in folder .

    a good information for me that every picture comes only once per slideshow . that somehow means irfanview creates a randomized picture list from time to time .

    real randomness isnt easy to create on computer i read once , some method rely on numbers of pi , and randomness is unsure there . i dont know how to program that .

    it might be possible to let irfanview let create the random-picture-list and then cut it down to only 1 picture , show that one , and then start the procedure again .

    what is randomness good for ? well , maybe art-experiments of color-mood effect , or epilepsy probe , an experiment of darkness or light random in a room ( schrödingers cat ?) or more probably the order of porn-pictures gets annoying and shall be changed . use a renamer tool for that . but it could be fine art pictures too .
    greets randy
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