Greetings All,

I call IrfanView from a Python script which sends the launch command along with the filename.png to open via Windows 10 command prompt. IrfanView opens displaying the filename.png graphics file just fine. But it does not release the GUI so that it can be use to launch another instance. The GUI becomes hung and cannot be closed. Closing IrfanView restores the GUI access. Other graphics viewers such as 123 Viewer, ImageGlass, Windows 10 Photo Viewer and Libre Office do not lock up the calling GUI and allow multiple view instances. But I would prefer to use IrfanView.

Is there a setting or some command line option that I can use to open the IrfanView window and then have it release the calling GUI so that it can be used to open another IrfanView window to allow the viewing of multiple windows at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments!

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