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Thread: Paging up/down randomly gets stuck in Version 4.53 32-bit

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    Default Paging up/down randomly gets stuck in Version 4.53 32-bit

    In multi-page files, Irfanview randomly stops paging up or down at times. I can't find a reproducible trigger. You can go to the next file and back and it still won't resolve the issue. Closing and opening the program is the only remedy. Happens about every 3 to 5 documents I look at.

    EDIT: This problem seems to be happening ONLY when paging up/down in Edit mode. If I hit F12 after each edit and save, THEN page down, I am not running into the problem. This wasn't happening when Irfanview automatically dropped out of Edit mode when saving changes to a file.

    Also, I have seen the page go ahead and change after a several-second delay when in Edit mode if I leave it sit after clicking to change the page.
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