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Thread: Hotfolder to include all subfolders

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    Red face Hotfolder to include all subfolders


    First of all, I would like to compliment you on developing such an awesome image viewer

    I have a suggestion that may be very useful. I hope you will consider adding it.

    Feature Request:
    This feature is to add a checkbox to the Hotfolder setting page with the label "includes all subfolders".

    If this checkbox is checked, then when new image is added to any of the Hotfolder's subfolders, that new image would be displayed as if the image is right under the Hotfolder.

    Basically, the logics would be to treat all images in all subfolders as if they are right under the Hotfolder itself.

    Use case:
    I used Canon EOS Utility for tethered macro photography. EOS Utility would create a new folder everyday and placed all the shots taken during the day into that folder. Most tethering software by other companies work in similar fashion.

    With the requested "includes all subfolders" feature, I can simply set the parent folder of the folders auto created by EOS Utility as the Hotfolder, and then Irfranview would be able to display all new images taken automatically, without having to manually set new Hotfolder everyday.

    I am pretty sure there are many other use cases for this features. Above is just one of them.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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    Have you noticed "Load thumbnails from all subfolders" in the Thumbnail viewer Options menu?

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