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Thread: Can I split images automatically using IrfanView?

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    Default Can I split images automatically using IrfanView?

    I have large number of photographs to scan and save.
    In one scan I can save 4 photos at 600 dpi using HP scanner.

    My requirement is can i separate each photos after scanning and save each at 600 dpi using Irfanview automatically

    I used java program to separate for photos but it saves 4 image at 96 dpi even though the original was 600 dpi

    Any Idea is welcome


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    You would need to run four Convert and Rename batch operations to crop the original photos from Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, using the JPG option "Try to save with original JPG Quality (estimation)", and advanced Batch operations Crop and Set DPI to 600. If you use file name patterns like $N Top Left, $N Top Right, etc., the output files will be sorted according to the original file names. It goes without saying, export to a new folder to keep things tidy.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks My work got simplified

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