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Thread: Zero bits file when saving after paste

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    Default Zero bits file when saving after paste

    I use IrfanView from many years ago, always happy and grateful to the ease of use.

    Until some weeks ago, the program started to behave strangely in one point. I used to take screenshots, paste them to IrfanView and save to file...but now the files have zero bits and no extension...

    I searched for this trouble and found no answer...

    I am using Windows 10 64 bits, legal, up to date, in a i3 desktop PC with Nvidia.
    Thank you!

    UPDATE: Made some experiments, and the issue only appears when I crop the picture. If I paste and save the whole screenshots, everything goes well.
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    I could not reproduce this issue. What is your IrfanView version?

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    I also can not reproduce this.
    IrfanView 4.53 (64-bit as the default image viewer, 32-bit for comparison)
    PC: Windows 10, i5 CPU, 16 GB RAM, GPU 4 GB RAM
    Laptop: Windows 10, i3 CPU, 8 GB RAM, no dedicated GPU

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