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Thread: Text location changeable before final "OK"

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    Default Text location changeable before final "OK"


    Thanks for IrvanView. It's a great product. I made an appreciation donation recently.

    The Text tool is almost unusable.
    The Preview helps now and makes it more usable.

    I hope you can make it so that when you press OK,
    it shows the text and then you can move it around before
    it adds it to the image.

    That's really an absolute requirement.

    Version 4.53 64b Win10

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    It is unlikely to happen any time soon. Support for layers has been on the feature requests lists for over a decade, but there is no sign of it yet. The last time I asked Irfan Skiljan about in (over 3 years ago), this was his reply:

    Quote Originally Posted by Irfan Skiljan
    For the big things on the TODO list: I will first try to fix the Paint plugin crahes (on some systems), then try to port IrfanView to unicode ... they are very important things, important for many users.
    Layers are nice, for some users, but later.
    To move the text, just undo, adjust the selection with Shift + Cursor keys, then Ctrl+T to add it back again.

    If the background is uniform, you can use Copy/Paste to move it a few pixels.
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