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    Hi, these are just small changes not related to image quality.

    When browsing with the Page Up key, can you allow IrfanView to sort the files by date modified instead of alphabetical order? It would be nice to look at recently added files first and then older files last.

    Also when I hide the menu bar, can you allow the Alt button to temporarily unhide it? I had some difficulty getting the menu bar back.

    Thank you for this wonderful program and allowing ordinary users to give feedback.
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    See the Options menu, sort files by date.

    The quickest way to redisplay the menu if you forget the shortcut, is to close down and restart. However, F1 will work in all cases to lookup the shortcuts.
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    Thank you.

    I had to go to Options>Sort file list>by Date.

    I didn't see that before. I'm a beginner.

    I've received the answers I was looking for. This thread can be closed.

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