Hi Ir fans,
my impression is that anyone who has ever used proprietary image management software finally will return to the naming principle "timestamp numbering", ie "Y|ymd-[H[M[S]]]-#[#[#]].Ext". As long as the Exif header is present, this can easily be done with the I.V. Batch tool. The thing has only one catch: Timestamp and consecutive numbering overlap. An optimal solution would be to first read in the complete timestamps ymdHMS of all images (of the directory) and then determine how many digits a sequential numbering has to be appended to the time stamp to serve an uniqe file name. This method would have tremendous advantages over the current:
- The file directory always provides a quick overview on how many pictures are taken at a given timestamp
- Complemented images can be integrated in without changing the running numbering of images with a timestamp other than the import image.
and if a renaming generation mark (&) is introduced this way "Y|ymd-[H[M[S]]]-#[#[#]]-[&].ext this will provide a
- history administration handle
... or have I been overlooking something?
Thanks for engaging