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Thread: IrfanView does not update EXIF when rotating and saving

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    Default IrfanView does not update EXIF when rotating and saving

    If EXIF record contains entry about image rotation then IrfanView fails completely on this and there is no way to actually rotate such image.

    Image is loaded into IV, rotated (using i.e. L or R button), saved and in remains rotated only during this session. Upon reloading, it is again loaded without any rotation.

    Most likely this is because EXIF data is not updated by IrfanView during rotation and upon re-load image's rotation is again read (incorrectly) from EXIF record.

    The only way to workaround this problem is to save a file to a different format (i.e. BMP) effectively stripping all the EXIF data (which in fact isn't an option / a solution at all).

    You can read all the detailed information about this bug / problem at Super User (my question):

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    Try Lossless Rotation.

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    see if you have checked 'reset EXIF orientation tag'

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you for your explanation. The "reset EXIF orientation tag" really does the job.

    I've been using IrfanView itself and the Save as dialog for 15+ years so far and I haven't noticed addition of this switch.

    Thank you again.

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