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Thread: Wrong Window resizing on high DPI screen

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    Default Wrong Window resizing on high DPI screen

    In my family we are all using IrfanView.
    On my laptop I have a high dpi screen: 3840x2160.
    Windows scaling is set to 200%.
    When IrfanView resizes the image unfortunately the resizing is wrong and it's adding both vertical and horizontal scroll bars.
    See image:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	irfan.png 
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    Tried on the following versions:
    4.52 32bit
    4.52 64bit
    4.53 32 bit
    4.53 64 bit

    Thank you for your attention
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    Yesterday I installed IrfanView on a brand new notebook with 4K resolution and I had the same problem I've reported 3 months ago!

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