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Thread: Genuinely Random Slideshows

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    Default Genuinely Random Slideshows

    Hello ,

    Automatic view / multiple slideshow:
    If I start the automatic slideshow (shift + a) on a folder, I would like to have a random order option, otherwise the only way to view randomly is the slideshow, but it is inconvenient to place several slideshow-windows with the x-y position-option and selecting file list new each time, if I want multiple slideshows simultaneously.

    Another problem when I have multiple slideshows running: it can appear the start picture from selecting the slideshow menu will display too and ruin the whole arrangement .

    IrfanView’s randomness is every picture is displayed once a run, means a file list with random order is created (I presume). I would like to see real randomness, so possibility to see a picture lets say 7 times after another. Maybe it could be done by creating the random file order list each display time, and shorten it down to only one picture per run. ( OK I could use a picture renamer for random order, but again would not be genuinely random)

    And yes it is to watch porn , no doubt , sry. thank to all the nice women .
    but overall the program is well done, ty.

    I see the window size remember doesn’t work properly.

    greets randy
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    Better start a support thread for the Window size issue.

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