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Thread: How to save as flif?

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    Default How to save as flif?

    (As flif support is added through plugins I decided to post here. Admins may move this thread to a more fitting area of the forum if applicable.)

    Just found out about flif (free lossless image format) and was happy to see that my go-to image program supports flif since v4.52.
    I have 4.53 installed (as 32bit and 64bit, with the plugins added, too). But neither in the settings (extensions) nor in "save as" does flif show up.
    With extensions it goes from .exr right to .g3, with "save as" from .emf straight to .gif, no "f" in either case.

    I even installed general flif support for windows (, just in case. Nothing.

    As states for FLIF "allows IrfanView to read FLIF (Free Lossless Image) format", I'm not even sure if IrfanView can save an image as .flif or only allows for .flif files to be displayed.

    That's why I wanted to ask if .flif should show up under "extensions" (or "plugins"?) and "save as", respectively.

    Thanks for any helpful insights!
    And thanks for the great program in general!

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    The plugin supports opening of *.flif files only, not save as.

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    Thanks for the info.
    That's what I was "afraid" of... :-)

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