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    Question Colors different than photoshop

    I've seen something similar to this posted here, but it was from a long time ago and the solution was not applicable to me.

    I am a photographer that uses Lightroom and Photoshop, starting with raw files. I work from within Lightroom and right-click to edit in Photoshop when necessary eventually exporting jpg files from Lightroom to disk.

    Recently, I have noticed that Irfanview is displaying my images differently than Photoshop and the Windows 10 photo viewer. If I ignore Irfanview and just upload to Facebook, Facebook is displaying the images the way I see them in Photoshop. In Irfanview, they seem to be flash, lacking contrast and rich colors. I'm pretty certain it is a color settings problem, but I'm pretty new to that. I always stick with the default colors and things just work...until now. Photoshop is set to North America General Purpose 2 and the RGB Working Space is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1.

    I'm going to attach an image that was captured with the snipping tool. The left image is displayed with irfanview and the right image is displayed with the Windows 10 image viewer. I need to get this resolved before delivering any more images to clients.

    One more step I do with the images is to open the folder with Bridge and then run them through Tools ... Photoshop ... Image Processor and save them as JPEG Quality 9 in the same location which puts them in a folder called JPG and I then move all the images back to the original folder. It makes them slightly smaller with no noticeable image degradation that I can see. By doing this, Photoshop is creating the image and not Lightroom. Looking at this step closely, I now see that there is an option under JPEG that is not checked in there that says Convert Profile to sRGB. Should that be checked??

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Solved it myself. I needed to check the option in Bridge under Tools ... Photoshop ... Image Processor to save as JPEG and check the box to Convert Profile to sRGB. Not sure how that got unchecked.

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