When you are using the batch Conversion feature all goes very well, but if your images are in a folder which have the "$" symbol on it, by example: C:\$USER\PICTURES and then you use the "Use current ('Look in') folder" button, the "Output folder for result files: (or placeholders, like: $D)" text box incorrectly get filled with exactly the pathname, but the placeholder "$" doesn't get converted to the correct "$$", so if you don't manually change the destination folder the conversion will fail because the path is interpreted as: C:\{current system date/time}SER\PICTURES, by example you get the next error:

Error! Can't save: C:\10/3/2019 / 14:22:13SER\PICTURES\IMG_20190817_155535.jpg

Should the button "Use current ('Look in') folder" put the correct path in the text box.

Regards from Colombia