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Thread: Scrambling of .avi video files in other software but OK in IrfanView

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    Default Scrambling of .avi video files in other software but OK in IrfanView

    I have .avi videos from a trail/wildlife camera (properties as below).
    When I try to play it on Windows media player or Movie Maker it gives the scrambled view as below.
    I see that there are duplicate images side by side scrambled differently with the screen split vertically down the middle.
    When I mouseclick the timeline slider it reverts to the correct image but when it loops back to the start it re-starts as scrambled.
    In movie maker the exported .mp4 files are always scrambled.
    When I play it on IrfanView it is fine.
    I know it's not really an Irfan problem but it is significant that it works OK in Irfan and not the others. Does anyone know the cause of this?
    I need to send videos of animal behaviour via email so need to reduce the file size. I don't think IrfanView does this so I'm forced to use a different software.

    Thank you.
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    Try VLC Media Player

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    Video codecs?

    They are often the problem if a video does not play at all when using a particular media player. That's where VLC comes in with multiple codec support for a multitude of video and audio formats. Usually with Windows Media Player (which I've not used in years) you'd get an error message. Maybe it is using a codec but one that is not entirely appropriate and it causing the display corruption shown.
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    Thank you. That VLC downloaded and seems to work ok for the file in question so that's promising.

    With stills or photos I am able to get some pics down to <100 KB which might be 1/10 of the original file size.
    The 18 second .AVI clip is reduced from 16.9 to 10.5 MB. Is that lesser degree of compression to be expected?

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    I had this problem when I update windows 10 some video files won't play on windows media player then my wife friend suggest me you need to use video repair software or you can convert the file format of these video. She suggest couple of video repair software such as Stellar repair for video , OO media recovery, Clever files. I tried first one to fix my issue. Thanks

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