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Thread: fill to screen pole "obvious/mysterie"

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    Default fill to screen pole "obvious/mysterie"

    i would like to suspend my monitor in a way that it can be physically, by hand, rotated to allow for the wonder's utililization of all its pixels

    sorrie not to be programming compotent and instead have a gift for you, did have the thought that the image editing plugin (or is it feature?) may be preventing of this abilitie by way program upon load forced to have before render que
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    This does not seem to be a feature request. Windows allows users to rotate the screen to suit the orientation of the monitor.

    Feel free to write in your own language and use a translation service to provide a version in English.

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    general functionality request maybe maybe? irfan's wonder the wonder with so much love it holds not a name but a seperation of irfandom to bring health, guode to paradise or 'pronounce unto sword for general swordizzerie' 'prefers to be started in administrator mode', i thought explode from current 'utilization of alien dance provided architecture'

    calling an image with my operating system defeats program, being with not always attainable roster of image specifications and wiring hardware-introdice program to architecture not program suicide xenocide

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