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Thread: Stuck on important project

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    Default Stuck on important project

    Needing to create enormous amount of thumbnails with file names to help us prevent US government from stealing our content without a license. Literally millions of files. We want it to look like explorer with giant thumbnails. Irfanview seems to be the ticket but getting stuck at one step in the process.
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    I am able to get to the folder, wait for thumbnails to be generated, select all, click on "Create contact sheet from selected files", then the error - Error! Can't loadfile name - full source name, five directories deep)

    The actual directory is five levels deep. Don't know if there is a limit. The file names on the screen with the thumbnails are correct and are listed as just the actual local file name.

    Files are MP4 but the thumbnails show the way expected. See screen shot.

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    Any ideas? Help is much appreciated.


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    What is your IrfanView version? Try the 64-bit version for greater speed and more memory use for large batch jobs.

    I would be surprised if there is a limit to directory depth, but long path names or accents in names can cause problems.

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    I am running 64 bit. Yes most programs have limits on filename length but have found no indication of that anywhere. It looks like it is rejecting it because it can't navigate to the folder or their is some issue with the filename. I have no data to back that up.

    Is there an error log for Infranview?

    Frustrating to be one step away from solving a major headache and can't finish it.

    Any help is appreciated.


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