Hi everybody,

I'm a long-time IrfanView user and supporter. This is my first feature request.

The most important feature for me is adding support for IPTC image ratings and associated keyboard shortcuts for these for easy image rating.

Other nice-to-have features are:

Support for text styles in full screen, e.g. HTML and CSS tags: <b>$N</b>\n<span style="color: gray;">$d</span>

When in full screen and pressing N, image position resets to default. It should stay as it is before pressing N.

In Settings > Miscellaneous > Set external editors. This should support all 10 editors, not just 3.

In Settings > Browsing/Editing > Options for TXT files. This should support UTF-8.

In Settings > Full Screen/Slideshow > Show blurred (vertical) image sides. Should support all image sizes, not just cases when image height is greater than or equal to screen height.

In Settings > Full Screen/Slideshow > Backgr. is semi-transparent. Should show semi-transparency only to individual line width, not to block max. width.

Thanks for your time & best regards from Finland!