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Thread: Irfan view 32 or 64

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    Default Irfan view 32 or 64

    Which version of Irfan View is faster? 32 or 64
    I have a big file with many pictures, on a rather speedy computer, but the pics take a long time to display. Any suggestions?
    Thank you all.

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    64-bit will be faster for some operations due to supporting more RAM.

    Advantages of IrfanView 32-bit over 64-bit version:Runs on a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

    • Loads all files/images for normal needs (max. RAM size is about 1.3 GB)
    • Needs less disc space
    • All PlugIns will work: not all PlugIns are ported (yet) to 64-bit (like OCR) and some 32-bit PlugIns must be still used in the 64-bit version, some with limitations (see the "Plugins32" folder)
    • Some old 32-bit PlugIns (like RIOT and Adobe 8BF PlugIn) work only in compatibility mode in IrfanView-64
    • Command line options for scanning (/scan etc.) work only in 32-bit (because no 64-bit TWAIN drivers)

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    You notice the speed advantage with the 64-bit version particularly during batch operations but also simple new image file saving or conversions.

    But as ^ said there are useful plugins that, last time I checked, only work with the 32-bit version, notably the PNGOUT plugin which allows you to customise PNG optimisation save settings. I've found that very useful on many occasions where I needed to reduce PNG image file size to the minimum without seriously affecting picture quality.

    BTW you can have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions running on the same PC as separate programs. Somewhere in the blurb on the downloads pages it even mentions that as an option. So you do not have to choose between them, you can have both and as IrfanView takes up comparatively little space: why not?
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