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Thread: Version 4.54 available

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    Default Version 4.54 available

    Info from

    # Change Log

    - Multiple Undo/Redo steps added (max. 20 steps, Properties-Editing)

    - Zoom magnifier added to fullscreen mode

    - Option to disable Zoom magnifier (Properties-Viewing)

    - Profiles option added to Print dialog

    - New option in Properties-Fullscreen: Set horizontal and/or vertical centering

    - New option in Print dialog: Set horizontal and/or vertical centering

    - Option to set selection border thickness (Properties-Editing)

    - Option to enable/disable PlugIns (Help-Installed PlugIns)

    - Extended sidecar files option: Copy/Move possible (Properties-File Handling)

    - New Canvas dialog option/method: Set aspect ratio

    - New option in Watch/Hot Folder dialog: Watch subfolders

    - New Lossless JPG Dialog option: Add (or Replace) ICC color profile

    - New Thumbnails option: Keep focus in folder tree (after folder change/click)

    - Option to show Color Corrections dialog in dark mode

    - Fix in Metadata PlugIn (crash with bad EXIF tag in CR2 files; KVE-2019-1184)

    - BMP loading bug fixed (thanks to Joshua Faust, CVE-2019-16887)

    - JP2 PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq)

    - ANI PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17252)

    - RAS PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17251)

    - EXR PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17255)

    - DPX PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17256)

    - WSQ PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17250)

    - JLS PlugIn loading bug fixed (thanks to Linhlhq, CVE-2019-17253)

    - Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

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    Thank you! Set horizontal and/or vertical centering is a very requested feature, a real Christmas gift for those reading comics and manga at IrfanView.
    Although I am new to the forum I have been using IrfanView for a long time.
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    The vertical/horizontal center options are a godsend, finally I can upgrade my dinosauric 4.38 32bit. For 4:3 screens not really an issue but for the typical 16:9 or more monitors this option is a must to now lose vertical reading state when choosing "fit to screen width". Also this new options of horizontal center fixes having to read manga with the image moved all the way to the left. You always want to start the next page from the top not from the middle for a global "center" option like before (which know became H/V centering both checked).
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