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Thread: Win2K slow load by net-shares

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    Question Win2K slow load by net-shares


    I have a problem with the access on a Samba-Share using a Applications like IrfanView or any aother Viewer, Stream-Clients - the time to load an 2MB Image goes up to 2 minutes. On my Windows XP Client the same Image is shown in 3-5 seconds.

    BUT if I copy the whole Folder (from the NAS to the W2K Client) of the Images (30 MB) it's only take 30 seconds.

    What can I look for to fix the Problem?

    I have try out a Network-Copy from a share on the WindowsXP Client to the Win2K Client - and it's slow, too. I can't find the reason.... please help me.

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    I Have the same problem under windows XP.
    Open an image over the network is painfully slow, even though the network speed is really fast.

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