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Thread: 4.54 Plugins missing

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    Default 4.54 Plugins missing

    Updated to latest 4.54 x64, installed Plugins from official site links, both as installer and zip file.

    Many tools do not work because of failure to load plugins EFFECTS.DLL, PAINT.DLL, STUB_PLUGIN.EXE.

    If I look into Irfan View install folder those files are not present actually, there's only a Effects.dll in Plugins32 folder, but that doesn't work (it's for the 32-bit version).

    Looks like something got lost when packaging the Plugins installer/zip, or it's just me?
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    You probably installed the plugins in the wrong folder.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sounds like that to me as well.

    My guess from the description is that the 64bit DLLs have indeed accidentally been installed somewhere else too. Perhaps the 32bit plugins' installer was used rather than the 64bit one and you have the 32bit plugins installed in the 64bit Plugins folder.

    Not sure if that is even possible but I can not think of another explanation unless there is something wrong with the installer.

    All those three DLLs mentioned should be present, 'loose' in the main Irfanview 64bit > "Plugins" folder. The "Plugins32" folder should be inside that "Plugins" folder.

    This is what you should have (ignore the Slideshow icon in the main folder content - that's just the icon image file I've extracted for use as the main Irfanview icon rather the annoying squashed 64 cat one):-
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    I'm not that n00b... Installer also puts them in the right folder... Never had problem with previous version. And yes I chose 64 bit plugins for my 64 bit install.

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    [SOLVED] I reinstalled IrfanView in another folder, now it works. Plugins that were missing (EFFECTS.DLL, PAINT.DLL, STUB_PLUGIN.EXE...) are not part of the PlugIns add-on but of the core IV installer.

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    Unless where those files are located has been changed in v4.54 those files should have been located in the Plugins folder even though they are part of that core Irfanview installer.

    If they were not there then there was indeed a problem with the installation and that would explain why a correct and correctly installed Plugins package did not work properly either.

    Why the original updated Irfanview installation was corrupted would be pointless to speculate about now but glad to read a reinstallation of v4.54 fixed the problem.

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