Sometimes I need to apply a filter or some effects only on a selected area of the image for a whole set of photos.

Currently, I have to edit every image, apply the same steps over a selection, and save them in a temp folder. Then, I can finish the bulk steps that IrfanView provides in its batch conversion.

For instance, I want to put some text on the set using the "overlay text" option of the batch conversion, but I also want to put that text over a grayscaled area of the image, and this previous step is not available in the batch conversion's advanced options, because I can only grayscale the whole image using the batch conversion.

The request: allow the batch conversion tool to specify a selected area to work with, leaving the rest of the image untouched.

How: Change the "CROP" section of the advanced options to "SELECTION" and add another checkbox option called "Crop" that uses the (now globally) selected values. All other options can use those selected values to modify just that portion of the image if enabled, or modify the whole image as usual if it is disabled (or the cropped image if both "SELECTION" and "Crop" are enabled). Obviously, "RESIZE" should ignore the selected area as usual.