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Thread: color disappears

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    Default color disappears

    Thumbnails are in color but image opens in greyscale only (8bits). I have not checked "open in greyscale). Please help me open the image in the original color. Thanks. Michael

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    What settings have you enabled on the Save as JPG dialogue?

    I can reproduce the issue if I do this. Although the image is greyscale, the IrfanView Open File Dialogue shows the previous colour image thumbnail.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Save as Greyscale.png 
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    I am still having this problem even though I have not enabled "save greyscale."

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    Unhappy color disappears

    I am fully aware of the "load grayscale" option for jpgs. I swear it is unchecked, yet I too often lose color when opening the file from the thumbnail. I have asked this question before but other than the stock answer no one has really addressed the problem. (I just updated the program as well but it doesn't seem to make a difference.) Please help.

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    What is your setting for the option "Try to load Exif thumbs for jpeg files"?

    Can it be that the files have been converted to grayscale while the embedded preview is still in colour?

    Do the images show correctly in other viewers?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iv_thumbExif.png 
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    currently running 4.54 / 32 bit

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