There's a lot with zooming videos. Some might be bugs, but there are also requests.

First it's nice to set videos to open in double size automatically.
I usually open small videos so it's a great plus, but I would like to have an option to open it even bigger. Triple size or ever 4 times bigger.
Other problem with it the amount in zoom box is still 100%. So when I click to zoom in, the video is getting smaller, cuz it thought it was in 100% and change size to 110%.

The other problem is zooming with zoom box.
Changing zoom value or choosing from the drop menu doesn't have immediately effect. I need to use buttons for zooming in or out to have an effect.
Other thing with the zoom box drop menu is that it vanishes when video loops. So I need to pause the video and then choose a value and then to click on button to change the size.

So I would like to have more options to resize automatically and to comfortably resize while viewing videos.