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Thread: 2 dialog pages are suddenly full screen

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    Default 2 dialog pages are suddenly full screen

    This started recently a week or two ago. I may have accidentally clicked on something to make it do this, but I can't find a way to undo it. Both the Save-as dialog and the Batch conversion (rename, etc) dialogs** now are maximized so it fills the entire screen on my monitor. In the upper right corner, there's only the X to close it, not the minimize and maximize options that appear on most Windows pages. When I start the dialog, the dots appear in the lower right corner that usually let you resize a window, but when I touch that with the cursor the dots disappear and I cannot move the corner. The resize arrow appears when the cursor is at the edge, but it doesn't grab on and let me drag it to be smaller.
    ** Also the File Open dialog

    I was at Irfanview version 4.52 64 bit when this started and just updated to 4.54. That did not cure the problem. My system is Win10 x64, Fall Creator/March 2019 update, v 1909, last major update 6/20/19; 2020-01 NET framework update 2/8/20; 2020-01 monthly update 2/8/20. Since my last update date was 1/15/20, I thought perhaps it could be a Windows issue; I just ran the updates again and it's still happening.

    This isn't a critical problem, as Irfanview still works fine. It is quite annoying though, to have the screen effectively taken over by the dialog page. Any suggestions?
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