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Thread: IrfanView 64 bits + GhostScript 64 bits can't view multiple pages PDF

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    Exclamation IrfanView 64 bits + GhostScript 64 bits can't view multiple pages PDF

    IrfanView 64 bits with GhostScript 64 bits cannot browse through multiple pages PDF, they only show the first page. The page browsing buttons appear greyed. IrfanView 32 bits with GhostScript 32 bits work just fine with the same PDF files. IrfanView's GS options were the same on both 32 and 64 bits, and no combination worked on 64 bits version (and any and all worked on 32 bits). IrfanView 64 can browse through multiple images TIFF (the page buttons don't appear grey), so the problem is not on IV64 itself, but on the integration with GhostScript 64.

    System: Wndows 7 64 / 10 (tested on different machines, all with either W7 64 or W10)
    IrfanView version: 4.44 / 4.54 with plug-ins pack installed from Zip (I didn't test earlier versions to track down in which version the bug appeared first)
    GhostScript version: 9.26 / 9.50 (same thing, I didn't test with earlier versions)

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    It works for me, whether I use the PDF.DLL or the Ghostscript plugin.

    Click image for larger version. 

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