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Thread: How do I achieve one button photo rotation?

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    Question How do I achieve one button photo rotation?

    So I read through the FAQ. I see it addresses a question on bulk jpeg rotation, but what I'm after is a 1 click rotation like the windows 10 photo viewer. I would just use the windows photo viewer but, it would seem to have stability issues, hence trying out IrfanView.

    IrfanView appears to be quicker and I can rotate with "L" and "R" but, flipping through the photos a second time the changes do not stay. So I tried again, but hit the save button. This introduced another problem, having to operate a save file menu w/ file directory. This in and of itself seems like a normal run of the mill save function just as most programs have.

    However, my use-case may be a bit odd. We need to be able to click through the photos quickly: i.e. next > next > next > rotate left > next > next > next > rotate right > next > next > next > etc.

    However, I need the rotate function to stick/save without having to press save, like the windows 10 photo viewer does but, be fast like IrfanView and not be a piece of crap like the windows 10 photo viewer. I thought rotate buttons in the tools bar like W10 photoviewer would make it easier for those less tech-savvy than I am.

    Is there a way to do this or a plugin? Am I being ignorant regarding other hotkeys? PEBKAC?
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    Lossless rotation will do what you want, but only with JPG images. You would also have to use Shift+J, L to rotate left (rotate 270°) and Shift+J, R (rotate 90°) each time you change the direction. The dialog remembers its last-used setting.

    Ctrl+S will save files in the original folder and original file format. The Save button on the toolbar, does Save as...

    When using save operations check that the save options are not changing the original by much. For JPG, try to save with original (estimated) compression is recommended. Saving low quality JPG images at a higher quality only bloats the file size, it does not improve the quality. Check for Exif or IPTC data too.

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