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Thread: Keep the zoom option (window mode)?

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    Default Keep the zoom option (window mode)?

    For example, if I choose "fit images to window width" in the toolbar and move to the next image, the zoom option is not preserved. I have tried "Lock Zoom", but that seems only apply the numerically same zoom value to the next image so it does not "fit the window width".

    For example, let's say the window with is 1000px, and image1's width is 500px and image2's width is 666px. If I set "fit images to window width" while viewing image1, if I move to image2, it does not fit, because IrfanView seems to calculate the zoom value (500px -> 1000px, that is 200%), and apply the same zoom value to image2 (200% to 666px -> 1332px).

    Is there anyway to keep the zoom option?

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    How can you have your cake and eat it too? If you want to lock zoom @ 200% then some images are not going to fit to the window. Just make the window big enough for the largest image. If the monitor is not big enough for that, then some images will still not fit.

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