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Thread: IV and camera images?

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    Default IV and camera images?

    Hey guys,

    Is there any way to get IV to show thumbnails of images on my phone?

    I can open a specific camera image in IV by double-clicking it in Windows's file explorer (as IV's my default image viewer). But IV won't show thumbnails of the folder. In fact, it seems unaware my phone even exists—the phone doesn't appear at all in its file listings.

    Windows Explorer won't show thumbnails of my phone images, but at least it lists them as files, so I can open them randomly to find the image(s) I'm looking for.

    Yes, I know I can copy all the images to my hard drive, and work with them there. I just wondered if there was a tweak that would enable IV to work directly with them. (I'm not getting my hopes up though.)

    In case it means anything, my phone's a Samsung Galaxy 9, running Android 10.

    BTW, I was surprised not to find any topics here about this... Don't other people have images on their phones, too? :?)

    Thanks, A.

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    See this earlier thread. It is not a bug in IrfanView.

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    Oh well, too geeky for me, I'm afraid. Thanks anyway! (I mean "geeky" in a complimentary way, BTW.)
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