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Thread: Why does the image zoom on clicking on border line

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    Default Why does the image zoom on clicking on border line

    When I am resizing an image, or define an area and fine tuning to move that area border line to micro distance, if I happen to click there, the entire image zooms and defined area is gone.

    There is no purpose in zooming areas like that.
    clicking on a line is a normal procedure for capturing the focus of the area border line to move it sideways or upper-lower, Why this double function that click also captures the focus of the line, and also zooms.

    I don't think if anybody would like that zoom to occur then and there. Anybody who wants to zoom an area can crop that area and zoom using toolbar icons, or without cropping also, can zoom using tool bar icons.

    This is one iview function that has wasted most of my time across 20 years.

    I am still not able to comprehend why you would zoom entire image by clicking it. If so, it should not happen when an area is defined and selected on the image.


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    I moved your thread. The feedback forum is for feedback about this site, not for IrfanView.

    The mouse pointer should change from a double-headed arrow to a magnifying glass with a + sign when you move it inside a selection. Clicking inside a selection is very useful for quickly zooming to any area of an image. If you have difficulty using a trackpad or mouse, try the Cursor key shortcuts to move or resize the selection by 1 pixel at a time.

    Available selection rectangle shortcuts in IrfanView:

    Left button click/hold/move Draw selection
    CTRL + Left button click/hold/move Draw proportional selection with the ratio from "Create Custom selection" dialog
    ALT + Left button click/hold/move Draw proportional selection with the inverted ratio from "Create Custom selection" dialog
    Left button click Zoom into selection
    CTRL + Left button click Clear selection
    Right button click/hold/move Move selection
    CTRL + Right button click/hold/move Move selection: Y axis only
    SHIFT + Right button click/hold/move Move selection: X axis only

    Arrows Move selection (if no scrollbars visible)
    SHIFT + arrows Move selection
    CTRL + arrows Proportional resize of the selection
    ALT + arrows Change width/height of the selection

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    If you have trouble grasping the selection border, from version 4.54 onward there is an option to make it wider than one pixel:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iv_sel_border.png 
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    currently running 4.54 / 32 bit

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