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Thread: Bring back the pause at the end of the list of images in a directory

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    Default Bring back the pause at the end of the list of images in a directory

    First I would like to thank everybody involved with the development and support of IrfanView. It has been for years and years the preferred program to view, resize and print images for me.

    As long as I remember, IrfanView had a nice feature that would insert a pause when you quickly scanned through a folder of images by keeping the spacebar pressed when the end of the folder was reached. You had to release the spacebar and then press it again for another loop through the folder. The pause was very handy because it showed you that the end of the folder was reached and that the next shown images would be a repetition.

    Now this pause is not there anymore. and keeping the spacebar pressed. just keeps on looping through the folder. There is the pop-up when the end of the folder is reached but since the pause is not there anymore it is very likely that you will not notice this. So it results in viewing the images in a folder many times over and over without realising that it is a repetition.

    Would it be possible to bring back the pause? In my opinion, this was a simple but substantial feature of IrfanView. If some people do not agree with this, then having the pause or not can maybe be made into a configuration item?

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    See the options in Settings, Browsing/Editing

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