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Thread: Adding a figure number to an image

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    I publish a newsletter that uses lots of images. I'm using LibreOffice to lay out each issue. When I have an article that uses many images to reinforce the text. Many of the puictures are very attractive. I want to present the pictures as large as possible reasonably close to the text that refers to the picture.
    I have been using Irfanview to insert a number in each picture and also inserting that number in the text. I'm using the Numberpile reverse font to insert the number in the picture and the text. That font has numbers enclosed in a circle. I make the number in the image bold and select yellow or black color for contrast. So far, so good.
    A problem occurs when the image is resized to fit in the article. I often have to reduce the size of the image to fit in the article. The number gets reduced when I reduce the size of the image. The result is that the number may be a different size in every picture, even down to being so small as making it illegible.
    Is there some way to insert a number that remains the same size independent of the size of the picture?
    I could put the number in a caption within LO, but that would be wasteful of space. I have tried overlaying the number on the picture, but they don't stay together. LO (or Word, which is even worse) relocates images that it thinks are too large to fit on the page. But the overlaid number doesn't move with the relocated image.
    I would appreciate suggestions.

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    There is nothing you can do in IrfanView.

    I don't see any workaround in LibreOffice either, but I don't use it much.

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    This is Off Topic: You didn't mention which part of LO you use to produce the newsletter. I'd use LO Draw instead of Writer.
    It is much easier in Draw to arrange text and pictures. And I would always put the numbers on the pictures after they fit into the text as wanted.
    In Draw you can group items, so that they are treated as one item.
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