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    Question Get EPS curved


    It would be good if the EPS files may viewed in curves.

    I have a logo file 35kb size and it looks much worse than in its basic big software, because I can view it as a JPG image only. Can you give some information why curves does not supports? Thanks.

    By the way, the search does not any results with eps inquiry, this is very strange that the topic wasn't discussed before.
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    IrfanView views and edits only bitmaps, not vector images. You can increase the resolution in Settings, Plugins, Postscript, to improve the smoothness, but it just slows down file loading, and you cannot edit vectors in IrfanView. Try Inkscape if that is what you need.

    The search string "eps" is too short. Try "encapsulated" or "postscript."

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