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Thread: Irfanview is unable to open WBMP images created by Photoshop

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    Default Irfanview is unable to open WBMP images created by Photoshop

    I'm using Irfanview 4.54 on Windows 7 64 bit.

    When I try to open a WBMP image created by Photoshop I'll get an Error message: "Can't read file header ! Unkown file format, empty/damaged file or file not found !".

    The image is created by Photoshop through the "Save for Web" feature. Like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When I look at the folder that has the WBMP image, I noticed that the WBMP image has the .wbm file extention.
    This is strange, the WBMP format is supported by Irfanview (see formats over here: ).
    However a .wmb is not listed in the formats. This is strange.

    When I open the WBMP image in Photoshop it works perfectly, but in Irfanview it does not.

    The image can be downloaded from this source:

    What is causing the error? How can it be fixed?
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    As it says in i_plugins.txt

    Note: WBMP format hasn't a specific header and IrfanView can't recognize all such images. If you want to read WBMP images with
    IrfanView, the file extension MUST BE ".wbmp" !
    If you rename the extension, your image opens without any error.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WBMP Image.png 
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    Thanks for your support.

    I did what you suggested: I changed .wbm to .wbmp then I opened the file in IrfanView.
    A different error appeared: "Decode error ! Can't load PlugIn: "FORMATS.DLL" ! Please install or update PlugIns from IrfanView homepage and/or enable the PlugIn in 'Help->PlugIns' menu. (64 bit) ".


    I followed the instructions IrfanView gave me; I downloaded the Formats.dll plugin ( from ), and extracted it to the plugins directory on my harddisk.
    Then I changed the file extension of the image (from .wbm to .wbmp).

    It worked perfectly!

    Big thanks!
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