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Thread: Three issues; changing default zoom, navigation via left/right arrows, gif speed.

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    Default Three issues; changing default zoom, navigation via left/right arrows, gif speed.

    Hello, friends!

    I am a longtime user of IrfanView. It's simply the best there is... Thank you stefan, for all the hard work. Hmn, that being said, some problems.

    I. For some reason I cannot for the life of me figure out how to adjust the default zoom. Likely cause; user error. :P I'd like to change it so that it's original size, unless it'd stretch past the resolution, while I'm dreaming...

    II. The reason why is that when an image is too wide, the right/left arrow key cannot be used to navigate. I'd love to fix this, as they're how I navigate my book covers and the like. Ideally, if I could preserve file size while keeping the left/right arrow navigation functions, that would be amazing.

    III. Gif playback is largely way too fast, with a few that play far too slow. I know, I know, most gifs 'aren't encoded right' or whatnot... I'd like to believe that one day, all folks will follow perfect formatting standards, and create only images that are perfectly in line with them. That isn't happening, though. Most glaringly, IrfanView is the /only/ program this happens. And of course, nobody has the time to 'correct' the thousands of gifs they likely have... I actually fixed IrfanView's problem my previous installation, but I can't recall how! I - think it was a plugin, maybe, or a setting combination... Either way, I am looking to see if anybody recalls the solution here. A quick search of the forums indicates likely not, but, it never hurts to ask, right?

    Any of these would be great; don't sweat it if you can't...
    All right, all the best!

    IV. Problem four, sorry... I tried installing RIOT full, as I think that fixed my third problem last time. Well... It installs separately from an executable? With no way to direct IrfanView to RIOT? Guh... Hmn... Might as well ask here, since lite is very outdated and I'd like to get RIOT full even if it's not a fix for issue III.

    Edited again, I couldn't find my version in the profile, sorry... It's 4.54 32bit...
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