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Thread: SVG plugin quality is very poor

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    Default SVG plugin quality is very poor


    IrfanView is my favorite image viewer, I use it for 20 years in a row. I love it.

    But for me it is impossible to use IrfanView as an SVG viewer, because SVG images render is extremely poor:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IrfanViewSvgFail.png 
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    See how it renders this sample image:

    - Wrong size (downscaled below 100%).
    - Wrong image size and proportion (image is cropped).
    - No background transparency (star is not visible).
    - Does not support rectangle stroke transparency.
    - Cropped half the thickness of this stroke from the bottom.

    It couldn’t be any worse

    Can you fix at least wrong size, wrong cropping, and background transparency, please?

    Test SVG file is in attachment:
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    Which program did you use to produce the SVG? The star is also invisible in Serif DrawPlus unless it is selected. Opening the file in Vivaldi Browser gives a similar result, i.e. the star is invisible.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SVG in DrawPlus.png 
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    Feel free to send a bug report to Irfan Skiljan. I suspect that support for transparency would be a feature request rather than a bug. If you load a 32-bit PNG with transparency and examine the image information you will see that the loaded image is only 24-bit.
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