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Thread: Context Menu via right mouse-button?

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    Default Context Menu via right mouse-button?

    Hi there and thanks

    I looked and looked, really !

    Where can I enable that the context-menu pops up with using the right mouse-button in windows-mode ?

    There is one xp with 4.53, that works like described above.

    Another win7-Irfan-View shows a hand-symbol instead of the menu.

    I tested 4.53 and 4.54.

    Were do I find the setting?
    Please !

    Frank, Berlin
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    Settings, Viewing, Use right mouse button for context menu.

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    Boo, 1000 thanks !

    It is it, of cause.

    But I believe, if I would have looked another two hours
    I wouldn't have found it elsewhere.

    So thanks again and until then, Frank

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