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Thread: Fullscreen scrolling very tall images skips large sections

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    Default Fullscreen scrolling very tall images skips large sections

    I have some images that are around 1300 x 60000 pixels (a somewhat recent fad in comics, cramming the whole thing in a single vertical image). When viewed in fullscreen a single down press or scrollwheel notch scrolls several thousand pixels down, making it impossible to view most of the image.

    This is irfanview 4.54 32 bit on windows 10.

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    You could change your Windows mouse settings to scroll fewer lines with each notch of the wheel.

    Or, in IrfanView Settings, Fullscreen, use LMB or RMB for scrolling. This is too slow as you have to drag the image, but it might work for you.

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    That windows setting does nothing as far as irfanview is concerned, and the same problem happens when using the keyboard to scroll. I also tried using fit width in windowed mode but that scrolls about 5-10 pixels to the keypress or wheel notch, which takes eons even with a very fast key repeat speed or free spinning mouse wheel.

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