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Thread: How can i combine two functions into one, like macros or actions

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    Question How can i combine two functions into one, like macros or actions

    I'm cropping around 500 document images. the images are not scanned correctly and has black borders around.

    What i'm doing is i select the area want to crop and press ctrl-y to crop it then press ctrl-s to save. So what i want is to create a custom hotkey (lets say w) which will do both of this process for me at the same time. I think it will boost my productivity.

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    Instead of Ctrl+Y (Crop), use Ctrl+Shift+B (Save selection as)

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    Than it will open a dialog box for save as. In my method it just overwrites the original file. And I'm enabled some options in settings.

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    If your scans are properly aligned (vertical & horzontal) and the borders aren't too spotty, you could try auto crop in batch processing:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iv_autocrop1.png 
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ID:	5962 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iv_autocrop2.png 
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    currently running 4.54 / 32 bit

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