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Thread: Capture/Screenshot - -filename capture counter "###" add a flag

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    Lightbulb Capture/Screenshot - -filename capture counter "###" add a flag


    The Capture/Screenshot capture counter starts at 1 on the first capture upon opening the program and continues to sequentially increase the number until you close the program.

    Default filename format is: capture_###_$U(%d%m%Y_%H%M%S). This will generate a filename with the capture counter and system time stamp, like "capture_001_29112005_123620".

    What I would like to request, is to allow for a flag that indicates to the capture counter the user wants to do something other than the default first number upon program opening.

    If the user wants the capture counter to start at a certain number, "###S025"

    So, a format of capture_###S025_$U(%d%m%Y_%H%M%S) will generate the first Capture/Screenshot filename with the capture counter and system time stamp, like "capture_025_29112005_123620".

    There may be some more flags needed.

    Any thoughts?

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    As far as I read in the IrfanView help (F1 when IV is open), there are lots of arguments available, but none to set a start number.
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