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Thread: Option for Inverse selection & Multiple selection

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    Default Option for Inverse selection & Multiple selection

    Hi Team,

    1) Is there any option to apply the Inverse selection (i.e selecting partial/particular portion of the full page image) in the Irfanview application? Please let us know the same option is available in any other application other than Irfan view.

    2) Please also advise, Is there any option to select multiple images at a time from a page? (i.e Actually a page contains "1 Paragraph text, 2 Image, 3 Paragraph text, 4 Image, etc.)

    Appreciate your valuable response in advance.

    Rajasekaran A

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    IrfanView supports only simple rectangular selection.
    IrfanView 4.57 64bit, Windows 10 20H2

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